We Look For

Membership Criteria

  • Previous role on an Executive Leadership Team (eg. C-suite, SVP/VP level, Partner)

  • Strong, wide and accessible network of senior level executives to share

  • Active in job search, with job-ready mindset

  • Committed to being an optimistic and engaged participant in weekly meetings on Mondays from 9 -11 AM at First Canadian Place

  • Functional experience and diversity (relative to current membership) is considered

  • Active membership not to exceed 20

  • Be willing to engage as an alumnus assisting current members

Membership Benefits

  • Networking, coaching and support from senior level executives across functional areas, industries and geographies (present members and alumni)

  • Membership to Toronto Board of Trade (TBoT) for office space and networking

  • Structure and accountability during job search in a professional environment

  • Thought leadership resources and guest speakers

Becoming a Member

  • Apply online

  • An active member will contact you to discuss your application. If appropriate, time will be set up for you to present to the current PEN team. Team will review your application and communicate outcome.

  • Financial investment: Initiation fee of $250 and monthly fee of $50.

  • For more information, feel free to email us with your questions.

  • Phoenix Executive Network Pamphlet


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