John Newell

Jonn Newell is looking for CMO, Senior Vice-Presid

A highly accomplished Customer Experience and Marketing Executive with a extensive background in the strategic disciplines of Consumer Insight, Customer Analytics, Customer Experience management and Marketing. Experienced in leading across diverse network of operations that includes dozens of Global markets and Canada. Performance oriented with proven success in identifying consumer driven strategic opportunity, developing plans of action, securing organizational buy-in and then achieving the desired result through effective change management and implementation. A thoughtful leader who thrives in complex, dynamic business environments requiring strong internal collaboration, focused decision making and team based execution.

John was most recently the Senior Vice President Marketing, International Banking at Scotiabank. In this role he had the mandate for all maintaining oversight and governance of all marketing strategy and execution across 33 International markets. Functional responsibilities ranged for annual marketing planning, Brand, Consumer Insights & Analytics, CRM/Direct Marketing, Divisional Operating Model, as well as Sponsorship & Philanthropy strategy. Prior roles include Senior Vice President Sales & Service Customer Experience. Johnís mandate extended from defining retail customer experience / sales & service strategy & operations in 30+ International Banking markets and partnering with Line Executive to drive implementation, sustainment and retail growth. Functionally, this involved all elements of the retail sales strategy, including the customer segmentation strategy, the sales process, sales management standards, reward & recognition and measurement including all enabling technology.

Johnís value-add to an organization is his extensive business acumen, deep understanding of the consumer coupled with customer analytics and his proven ability to act and deliver the desired business results and organizational change.

Target Role

  • Jonn Newell is looking for CMO, Senior Vice-Presid

    CMO, Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, Customer Experience, Consumer Insights and Analytics

Target Organizations

  • Jonn Newell is looking for CMO, Senior Vice-Presid

    Medium to large sized organizations, private or publicly traded, looking to grow organically through differentiated customer experience, as well as mergers and acquisitions

  • Jonn Newell is looking for CMO, Senior Vice-Presid

    Financial Services, or organizations in other retail sectors with large retail customer portfolios

Career Experience

  • 2010 Scotiabank
    Senior Vice-President, Marketing & Consumer Insights, International Banking

  • 2008 Scotiabank
    Senior Vice-President, Customer Experience / Sales & Service, International Banking

  • 2001 Scotiabank
    Vice-President, Sales & Service / Marketing, International Banking

  • 1999 Scotiabank
    Vice-President, Sales & Service, Canadian Banking

  • 1997 National Trust
    Vice-President, Strategic Planning, Marketing & Retail Products

Areas of Expertise

  • Customer Experience Management

    Customer Experience Management

  • Consumer Insights & Analytics

    Consumer Insights & Analytics

  • Change Management

    Change Management

  • Sponsorship & Philanthropy Strategy

    Sponsorship & Philanthropy Strategy

  • Brand Positioning Strategy

    Brand Positioning Strategy

  • Global Operating Model Design

    Global Operating Model Design

  •  Merger & Acquisition Integration

    Merger & Acquisition Integration

  •  Collaborative, team based Leadership

    Collaborative, team based Leadership

Social Media

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Contact Info

Phone: 647-802-9383