Roxana Salehy

Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles

Healthcare Leader and medical doctor, who co-founded and operated two private hospitals internationally. Extensive knowledge and experience in healthcare management, including recruiting and training of multi-disciplinary medical teams, as well as finance/budgeting,
operations, and marketing. Involved with organizational strategy at the board level. Known as an entrepreneurial and innovative leader who built teams that established quality patient care measures, reduced costs and led transformation from non-profit to for-profit hospital facilities. Combines an analytical and lean approach with visionary and innovative thinking, to become the catalyst for change, in search of excellence in healthcare management. Passionate about helping healthcare organizations apply a holistic approach to patient care. Recently graduated from the Sloan Leadership and Strategy Program of the London Business School.

Target Role

  • Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles

    President, COO, CEO

  • Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles

    Executive Vice President, Vice President

Target Organizations

  • Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles

    SME, Early Stage Companies, Non-for-Profit healthcare organizations

  • Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles

    Hospitals, Clinics, Long Term Care and Home Care

  • Roxana Salehy is looking for President, CEO roles


Career Experience

  • 2015-CurrentParya Charity Trillium
    Board Member

  • 2009-2013Farmanieh General Hospital
    Partner, Co-founder and Vice-President of Medical Affairs,Obstetrician& Gynecologist

  • 1996-2009Amirmazandarani General Hospital
    Co-founder, Obstetrician, Gynecologist and Board Member

  • 1995-1998Sari University Hospital
    Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Assistant Professor in Sari University of Medical Sciences

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic Planning and Execution

    Strategic Planning and Execution

  • New Business Development

    New Business Development

  • Staff Training & Development

    Staff Training & Development

  • Change Management

    Change Management

  • Cost Control and Efficiency

    Cost Control and Efficiency

  • Recruitment of Management Teams

    Recruitment of Management Teams

  • Best Practices

    Best Practices

  • Delivery Model Design

    Delivery Model Design

  • Regulatory Compliance

    Regulatory Compliance

  • Funding


Social Media

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Contact Info

Phone: 647-524-2947