• 3apr

    Jason Peetsma/Emily Bell

    Odgers Brendtson

    Topic: Interim Management

  • 27mar

    Rob Wearing

    Rob Wearing

    Topic: Soar

  • 20mar

    Carolos Davidovitch

    Topic: Interview Tips: How to deal with transitional situations

  • 13mar

    Anne Bloom

    Topic: Interview Questions

  • 27feb

    Mary Legakis


    Topic: Stop Searching for Jobs start getting offers

  • 21feb

    Ehren Mendum

    RBC Dominion Securities

    Topic: Networking Tips

  • 16jan

    Patrick Gauch

    Topic: Supply Chain


  • 20june

    John Bardawill

    TMG International

    Topic: The pitfalls and upsides of T5 versus T4

  • 16may

    Allan Small

    Stonewood Group

    Topic: How executive search firms can become more candidate friendly

  • 18apr

    Angela Eckford

    Eckford & Associates

    Topic: The Rise of the Boutique Search Firm

  • 11apr

    Jason Peetsma

    Odgers Interim

    Topic: Odgers Interim Practice.

  • 4apr

    Cass Enright

    360i Canada

    Topic: Leveraging Social Media to accelerate your search.

  • 29feb

    Jon Hantho

    Janus Advisory

    Topic: Dealing with Private Equity firms.

  • 8feb

    Gillian Smith

    Toronto Board of Trade


  • 25jan

    Ian Collyer


    Topic: Current Search for 2016, including Industrial sector

  • 18jan

    Carmine Domanico

    Cristal International



  • 21dec

    Gillian Smith

    Toronto Board of Trade

    Topic: The Hidden Job Market

  • 30nov

    Janet Webb

    JW Associates International Inc

    Topic: Hiring for Keeps: How to Idenify "FIT"

  • 23nov

    Paul Pittman

    The Human Well

    Topic: Executive Compensation.

  • 16nov

    Jim Crocker

    Chairman Boardman Metrics

    Topic: Job Search.

  • 2nov

    Ron Jamieson
    Karen Tulk

    Hire Gray Matter

    Topic: CANDHR - A new tool to market candidates.

  • 26oct

    Judy Holcomb-Williams

    The DATA Group

    Topic: How a VP HR used LinkedIn to research potential hires.

  • 5oct

    Ian Brenner

    Farber Financial

    Topic: Interim Management: The Way Foward?.

  • 24aug

    Gord McCullough


    Topic: Working with the Recruiting Community.

  • 4aug

    Daren Resnik

    Canadian Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Assoc.

    Topic: How Industry Associations can help job search.

  • 13july

    Jeff Welton

    Verity International

    Topic: .

  • 6July

    Paul Hill

    Topic: How new media can help job search.