Our Transitional Leaders

Colin McLelland

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Development Officer

Knowing what your company stands for, what its real purpose is, and having an excellent culture are at the core of any growth strategy. I am laser-focused on knowing priorities and getting alignment on what really matters. I enjoy the challenges of "working on the business", taking on major initiatives like strategy development, acquisitions, alliances, or raising funds for growth.

I am actively seeking a new role as a Corporate Development Officer or Chief Financial Officer for a high growth enterprise.

I thrive on making a significant contribution to achieving the growth plan!

I am seeking a role with growth oriented private or public companies.

Frank Monaco

Fin-Tech Pioneer, Advisor

Frank Monaco is an award-winning Fintech Pioneer who has both led and partnered with some of the world's largest Payments, Telecom, Retail, Gaming, and Financial Services organizations. An inspirational leader who is driven by excellence and has successfully built highly skilled and diverse teams of cross functional experts, and created an ecosystem which generated billions in annual revenue. He is searching for his next C-Suite challenge.

Sometimes it is the people no one imagines who do the things that no one can.

Richard Barber

SVP, Sales & Marketing

I am a Sales, Marketing & Operations Executive with an MBA and an analytical-technical background which is a unique combination to help companies create and execute growth strategy. I have worked at IBM, Rogers, Celestica, and Computershare, where I have provided inspirational leadership for Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Customer Service driving strong improvements in company results.

My impact is significant for companies that want to "Scale Up" profitably.

I am seeking leadership roles in organizations that can leverage my background in the Technology, Enterprise Software, Telecom, and Financial Services industries.

Dan Lawrence

COO, CFO, VP OPS, VP Finance, General Manager

Senior executive with proven corporate general management experience encompassing Finance, Operations, IT, Marketing, Government Relations, and Customer Care in member-owned shared services organizations. Consistently maximizes organizational efficiency and mitigates organizational risk. A strategic leader with solid business acumen covering every dimension of the organization and uncompromising commitment to the potential of well-developed teams.

Moving Businesses Forward Through People, Process, & Technology!

Dan is seeking senior leadership roles in shared services/member services organizations, Transportation sector, Family businesses, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, DHL, Fedex, UPS.

Tim Knowles

CIO/CTO/SVP Digital Engineering

Tim Knowles is a growth company CIO/CTO, experienced in enterprise and scale-up Fintech & Technology organizations driving digital platforms and programs. Tim is influential at the strategic table and a compelling "sleaves-rolled-up" digital leader of user-direct, analytic, cloud-platform, and modernization initiatives that accelerates revenue and margin growth.

Growth through digital innnovation.

Tim is seeking a leadership role within the Fintech, Technology, Financial Services industries.

Frank Massey

Head of Risk Management, Credit Strategy, Compliance | CRO

I am at the intersection of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) & emerging technology. I transform the ERM function from a traditional cost-center to an innovative profit-center by leading cross functional teams, including marketing, operations, and technology. I have built a Risk Management department from the ground up and spearheaded regulatory governance programs. I have liaised with external audit, rating agencies, and financial regulators to leverage risk for profit.

Blending Passion, Courage, & Process for Better Results with Emerging Technology.

I am pursuing leadership roles within banking, insurance, pension funds, financial services, FinTech, and InsurTech.

Ian Campbell

CEO, President, SVP

An executive leader who has an international reputation in the Industrial-Tech space for building effective teams, managing operations and commercial efforts. Managed companies in Europe and North America and a reputation as a successful change agent with accomplishments including M&A, growth and turnarounds and specializes in high-entry-barrier challenge type markets. Demonstrated his ability to break down industry barriers and open new high-growth markets.

A proven change-agent who is a servant leader, builds strong-teams, & drives growth!

Ian is pursuing a senior leadership role in a B2B technically based company. Open to all sized organizations, private, public companies or start-ups.

Joe D'Angelo

Head of Sales & Marketing, Chief Commercial Officer, General Manager

A marketing and Sales executive with a track record of identifying and transforming opportunity into disruptive innovation to create value.

An adaptive and intuitive leader with a growth mindset, known for a holistic approach.

Deep experience across Marketing, Commercial, Innovation, and Operations in public and private multinationals, and family owned businesses. Inspires talent with clear vision, and builds effective teams by fostering open, trusting relationships.

A growth mindset and common purpose can ignite people to overcome any adversity.

Joe is pursuing a leadership opportunity within small to medium sized businesses in pursuit of their next phase of growth.

Bob Ferris


I am a visionary leader who develops and grows high performing teams. I thrive on evolutionary change, and I am at my best when I am challenging norms and creating a vision for future success. My inspiring and persuasive leadership fosters an environment where team members achieve what was once thought to be impossible.

Bold Ingenuity, Nurturing Growth, Crtiical Thinker.

I am seeking senior leadership roles in consulting, revenue and strategy with organizations that are in transition, looking to merge or be acquired or planning strategic change.

Regina Shin

Strategy Executive

I am an accomplished, forward-thinking strategist with strong financial acumen and a record of success in corporate strategy combined with a broad set of skills and multi-industry experience.

My career covers working at multi-national companies where I have been instrumental in formulating business development and corporate strategy. I have managed the investment turn-around, merger & acquisition and divestiture strategies including capital market transactions.

Are we doing today what we need to do in order to matter tomorrow?

I am actively seeking a new role as a strategy executive for multi-national companies. I am also open to roles that guide companies in transition including expansions, divestitures, and capital market transactions.