Our Transitional Leaders

Fadi Yaacoub

Chief Design & Innovation Officer | Expert in Media Strategy and Digital Transformation

At the nexus of creative design, digital media, and AI, I lead with empathy and innovation transforming user experiences. In my roles at Canada's top news media corporations, I've focused on building empowered teams and pioneering global design strategies. My rich portfolio exemplifies growth driven by blending design vision with data insights. I see executive roles to craft future narratives through transformative storytelling & innovative products.

"Inspiring Innovation & Design Mastery: Transforming Vision into Impactful Reality

Pursuing executive leadership roles in Artificial Intelligence, Media Production, Brand Development, and Luxury Goods as Chief Creative Officer or Chief Innovation Officer, focusing on innovation and strategic design.

Richard Barber

Chief Client Officer, Board Director

A C-Level Executive and Board Director with the ICD designation. Have been able to lead both national and global organizations with direct and indirect teams up to 600 people. With over 4000 business and government contacts and a science background, this is a unique combination to help companies create and execute growth strategy.

Leading diverse teams through transformational change.

President or other C-Level role in a medium to large sized business in Financial Services, Telecom or Technology.

Paul Javadi

Vice President Strategy/Business Development, SVP Customer Success, VP Marketing

A Senior dynamic performance-oriented leader with broad experience in insurance, technology, financial services , and telecommunications sectors. Recognized as a superior strategic executive combining innovation with polished execution and teamwork. Proven leadership ability in strategy and business development ,digital transformation, marketing and brand development, delivering growth while building stronger organizations and teams across the globe.

Management is craft, but leadership is a profession for Inspiration and Action.

I am pursuing leadership roles within technology, financial services, FinTech, InsurTech, banking, and telecommunication sectors.

Frank Massey

Head of Risk Management, Credit Strategy, Compliance | CRO

I am at the intersection of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) & emerging technology. I transform the ERM function by partnering with profit-centers to increase revenue. This includes leading cross-functional teams with marketing, compliance, operations, and technology. I have built a Risk Management department from the ground up and spearheaded regulatory governance programs. I have liaised with external audit, rating agencies, and financial regulators to leverage risk for profit.

Blending Passion, Courage, & Process for Better Results with Emerging Technology.

I am pursuing leadership roles within banking, insurance, pension funds, financial services, FinTech, and InsurTech.