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Memberhip Criteria

  • Previous role on an Executive Leadership Team (eg. C-suite, SVP/VP level, Partner)
  • Motivated to share a strong, wide and accessible network of senior level executives
  • Active in job search, with job-ready mindset
  • Committed to being an optimistic and engaged participant in weekly meetings on Mondays from 9 -11 AM
  • Be willing to engage as an alumnus assisting current members

Applying for Membership

  • Complete the application
  • You will be contacted by a PEN member. You will present to the current PEN team. Team will review your application and communicate outcome
  • Initiation fee of $250 (one-time payment) or 5 equal payments of $50
  • For more information, feel free to email with your questions
  • Phoenix Executive Network Pamphlet